Workbook: Youth Leadership in Climate Policy

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PLAN International

Download the latest workbook by Plan International, a resource for young people, teachers, institutions and civil society movements to support turning climate knowledge into action!

These days, climate change is on top of European agendas: as part of the preparatory and consultative process leading up to the EU Humanitarian Forum (24-26/01/2022), a webinar focusing on the humanitarian consequences of climate change will inaugurate an important discussion on scaling up anticipatory action.

As Plan International we believe these discussions are better informed when young people, who are the ones bearing the brunt of climate change and its consequences, have a real seat at the table. Our recent global climate change survey found that while young people are very concerned about climate change, they are often not taught how to engage in climate policy processes, preventing their contributions from feeding into decisions.

As a direct result of this, Plan International Sweden has just launched the Youth Leadership in Climate Policy Workbook and Facilitator’s Guide to address this gap and strengthen young people’s knowledge and skills for engaging in climate policy.

The workbook provides targeted content and activities that help learners turn their knowledge and skills into action for climate empowerment.  The aim is to support young people access climate decision making spaces and think critically about their own country’s mitigation and adaptation priorities, through the lens of climate justice.

The Workbook is aimed at young people aged 14 and above and can be used independently, in a larger group in a school setting or a youth group with support from the facilitator’s guide. The facilitator’s guide provides additional details on how the workbook content and activities can be delivered in group settings, and how learners can be further supported while engaging with these complex and sometimes stressful topics.

For more information, and to download the workbook, please click here.