Open call for youth-led organizations to send a video to inspire the world!


May 3, 2022

Share-Net Bangladesh

On that note, Share-Net Bangladesh has opened a call for youth-led organisations to submit a short video where they share some of the work they are doing, challenges they are facing or anything they want to share around the main topic: Access to Quality Information on SRHR, for the upcoming Co-Creation Conference


Here are some guidelines for the youth-led organisations on how to film and submit the videos:

What we need

  • Film a short video (2 minutes max) that shows the work your organisation has been doing to improve access to quality information on SRHR. Feel free to include some images of people of the community or the landscape of your area.

What will we do

SNI will select and edit the videos to include branding and logos from the CCC.


Everyone attending the CCC or following the CCC online.

What you will need

  • A mobile phone with a camera you can record on in landscape mode (horizontal).
  • A plain/ nice background where you can film.
  • Something to lean your phone against while filming, so the film is steady and doesn’t move about too much.

What to film

  • We would like to hear, in your own words, what your highlights, experiences,
    challenges or proudest moments are from the work your organisation is doing on the access to quality information on SRHR.
  • You can do this with a ‘selfie video‘ or film someone from your organisation talking about this. It doesn’t have to be too formal; you can keep it conversational and casual, or make it as formal as you like!

Last tips and thoughts

  • Lean your phone against something, in landscape (horizontal) mode – Introduce yourself and your organisation very briefly, mentioning the city and country you are from, eg, “Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the leader of the youth-led organisation DANO here in Medellín, Colombia”.
  • Keep the recording to a max of 2 minutes.
  • If possible, use headphones/earphones to ensure good sound.

Application Procedure

Send your videos to and

Application Deadline

10th May, 2022