Mens SRHR Webinar Report


March 24, 2022

Share-Net Netherlands

On the 23rd of February, the Share-Net Netherlands’ Community of Practice working on Engaging boys and men organised an online meeting on the topic of Men’s SRHR discussing their new position paper exploring SRHR policies and services targeting men and boys. This paper argues that men and boys have their own sexual and reproductive health issues and concerns.

This webinar presented a next step to share the findings with Share-Net members and to engage with them on this important issue. The overall objective of the webinar was to encourage Share-Net International members to more explore and address men’s and boy’s SRHR issues. Specific objectives were to:

  • Increase SNNL and SNI members’ awareness and knowledge of men’s SRHR;
  • Share international good practices on addressing men’s SRHR needs;
  • Explore if and how SNI member consider including men’s SRHR issues in their work.

Webinar report

Download the full webinar report here including links to speakers’ presentations, slides and further reading recommendations, as well as participants’ reflections on the topic.

(Re-)visit the presentations

00:00:00 Welcome and intro: Men’s SRHR issues by Paul Janssen (slides here)
00:17:25 Men’s SRHR: why and how? by Margaret Greene (slides here)
00:31:25 SRHR services for men: how to reach them by Tim Shand (slides here)
00:48:05 SRHR policies for men: how to include them by Laura Pascoe (slides here)
00:58:17 Reflection from WHO by Anna Coates
01:05:30 Reflection from Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Pascalle Grotenhuis
01:11:16 Wrap up formal part by Paul Janssen

Get involved

If you are a Share-Net International member or would like to explore membership and are interested in joining an international Community of Practice (iCoP) on the topic of Engaging men and boys in SRHR, you are warmly invited to join our next meeting on the 13th of April 2022 at 13.00 CET.

Do you have ideas for joint knowledge activities? Please register via email to Hannah Kabelka.