Call for Members – iCoP Gender Based Violence


June 1, 2023

Share-Net International

The Share-Net International Community of Practice on Gender-based Violence is inviting new members to join their group! 

Are you working on SRHR and passionate about the topic of Gender-based Violence? Are you a Share-Net International member or interested in becoming one? Then you should join our iCoP!

About this CoP 

Despite concerted efforts, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) remains a persistent issue within the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). GBV encompasses all harmful acts directed at an individual based on gender and is rooted in gender inequality, unequal power structures, and harmful norms. While the prevalence of varying forms of GBV differs according to context, GBV affects individuals in all societies worldwide.  Therefore, members of this GBV International CoP (iCoP) will contribute to, discuss, share, use, and have access to evidence and knowledge products that are most relevant to their specific areas of work for improved GBV policies and practices.  

iCoP Objectives 

  • Sharing experiences and good practices on the topic of GBV from different national CoPs and country contexts  
  • To increase the visibility of and interest in the topic of GBV within SNI  
  • Disseminate the knowledge and best practices generated by the various CoPs on GBV   
  • To provide a moderated forum for cooperation and knowledge-sharing which encourages member participation, two-way learning, and creates opportunities to increase the impact of knowledge on GBV policy and practice   
  • To develop knowledge products that help to inform research agendas and promote the translation and uptake of knowledge both by policy makers and practitioners.  

The SNI GBV iCoP is currently focused on collective learning/sharing from the different contexts on GBV as it relates to climate change, LGBTQI groups and humanitarian settings. 

How to join? 

If you are interested in getting in touch and joining this international community of practice Gender-based Violence, please send an email to or by June 30 2023.

If you are not a member, please register to become a Share-Net member here