A Call to Action for Liberation: International Women’s Day


March 8, 2024

Share-Net Netherlands

‘None of us is free until all of us are free’ by Asia Bordowa (@chaosxgrrlz)

Today marks International Women’s Day, 113 years after it was first celebrated in 1911. With its roots in the workers’ rights movement, the women’s rights movement has expanded over the past decades to encompass a number of feminist issues. It’s important to remember that women’s rights movements across various contexts have often served as the cradle for other human rights movements. When similarly marginalized communities could not find, or were not given a place elsewhere, they sought refuge in feminist spaces. It is crucial for us to reflect on and center this history of solidarity as we move forward and ensure that the feminist movement supports liberation for all – otherwise, whose rights are we really fighting for?  

The concept of feminism has been twisted in so many disingenuous directions for exclusionary purposes (we are looking at you TERFs and SWERFs) but let us be clear: we, as feminists, fight for all women and marginalized people. Only in a more just world can we truly see what feminism could ultimately achieve. 

As feminists, our fight for rights, safety, and equity is deeply intertwined with and linked directly to all forms of oppression in the world. Those of us who have benefited from centuries of feminist action must continue to take our own actions to not only secure our own rights but also the rights of others.  

Despite great gains over the years, it is undeniable that across the world anti-choice, anti-queer, anti-trans and patriarchal imperialist agendas are making significant progress in undermining the tireless work done to improve our lives. In times of such intense opposition, we must band together to protect each other.  

While a lot of us may be feeling helpless these days as we witness in real time the erasure of human rights and entire populations, there are always actions we can take. Organizing in your communities is an undervalued tool; online, we can connect globally, share strategies, ideas, and create a community. For those of us who have the means, donating financially is crucial. In times of conflict, gender disparities can become even wider, and often, women and other marginalized groups are the most at risk. Below are some resources and places to donate in Palestine, Ukraine and Sudan, all places that should have more global attention and support right now.

Donating and Taking Action