Inclusive Approaches in Language and Communication | Treat it Queer


Treat it Queer

Date and time

07/10/2021 2:00 pm GMT+1:00

Session by Aafke Uilhoorn & Dr. Flori Sintenie

Adequate communication is one of the core skills a healthcare professional needs to master. Sensitive language use is an important factor for this. As language is constantly evolving, it is important to integrate language changes in our lexicon to communicate inclusively with patients and co-workers. Currently, a great amount of questions are placed when it comes to societies’ beliefs on gender and sexuality.

For example: how can we incorporate these ‘new’ social realities and identities in the language we use? How can we bring about change that is bigger than ourselves? Why is this important? And how do we know if we’ve asked too much, or too little? In this workshop we will be answering all these questions. We will discuss inclusive communication, explain strategies on how to address a broad range of different identities, and discuss ways of creating a safe(r) setting for sharing sensitive health information.

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