2SLGBTQIA+ Sexual Health | Treat it Queer


Treat it Queer

Date and time

23/12/2021 2:00 pm GMT+1:00

Session by Stéphane Aubin & Dr. Flori Sintenie

So. You want to talk about sex. Specifically, you want to talk about LGBT sex. You might have questions like, what’s PrEP, and how does it relate to HIV? Why is lesbian sex barely ever talked about in medical settings? How can you contract Hepatitis C, or get rid of it? What’s the deal with ‘chems’ and what do they have to do with sex? Let’s find out about all that (and more!) in this interactive workshop! This is the time to ask everything you didn’t dare to ask before. Both people with and without prior knowledge are very welcome to join.

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