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rCoP Overview and Introduction

Under the regional approach, Share-Net International (SNI) agreed to support some country hubs to explore the opportunities to work more regionally by developing Regional CoPs (rCoPs). In this regard, Share-Net Bangladesh (SNB), hosted by RedOrange Media and Communications, has been given the responsibility explore the possibility of collaboration in the South Asia region regarding regional learning, and knowledge sharing within the scope of SRHR on equality, and mutual respect. The countries of interest for the regional approach are India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

SNB has decided on these countries for a regional approach as they have very similar trends in Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights (SRHR) indicators, such as the high prevalence of child marriage and gender-based violence, social stigma, taboo concerning SRHR practices, lack of awareness for gender equality, and a high percentage of young populations without proper SRHR services knowledge and access to SRHR services. Therefore, SNB likes to work together in this region to fight these common and highly concerning issues for SRHR. According to the regional report Examine the Role and Added Value of Expanding Share-Net Bangladesh in the South Asia Region by Dr Professor Mohammad Bellal Hossain, PhD Department of Population Sciences, The University of Dhaka; ‘It can be said that there is an opportunity for the SRHR-related organizations and networks working in South Asia to learn and share with each other as the countries have significant commonalities in terms of culture, shared norms, and values. The South Asian countries will highly benefit from this regional approach to mitigate these countries’ SRHR-related challenges. The South Asian regional platform on SRHR will open a new era for the people and organizations working on SRHR issues by working Together’

rCoP Objectives:

  • Facilitate regional learning and knowledge exchange to influence and improve SRHR policy and practice in-line with SNI’s vision and unique point of exploration
  • Increase the visibility and recognition of SNI and the SNB country hub across the respective region.
  • Strengthen and expand the SNI network by increasing the membership base with SRHR actors and building strategic partnerships with SNI and the Bangladesh hub to exchange best practices and accumulate knowledge findings
  • Connect and link members in different countries in the region to work on context-relevant SRHR topics

Key CoP Resources or Publications

  • Regional Mapping (Design pending)
  • Innovative and effective ways used in the region for making Comprehensive Sexuality Education/ Life Skill Based Education more impactful (Design pending)

Key Annual CoP activities

  • rCoP Meetings

Main CoP Information Page

To read more about Share-Net Bangladesh’s rCoP, please visit their main CoP information page

rCoP Launch Date

The rCoP was launched in August 2022

CoP Contact

For more information about the CoP, please contact Jannatul Munia, Share-Net Bangladesh Country Coordinator:


Jannatul Munia

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