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CoP Overview and introduction

With more than half of the planet is under 30 years old – with a global population that is younger than ever, it is clear that we cannot achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without the full engagement of young people and a broader understanding of their needs. If we want to continue to make progress, we have to invest in young people’s health, prioritize them, and involve them in all processes related to their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). For these reasons, Share-Net International (SNI) members have defined the intersection between SRHR and Youth as a priority area. In addition, many activities related to this topic are taking place at the level of individual country hubs, which suggests interesting potential areas for cross-learning and collaboration. However, we found that knowledge sharing and learning between hubs and international members is lacking, and therefore channels for this need to be created. While there are several SRHR and Youth communities of practice (CoPs) within hubs, these are not connected. The knowledge and good practices generated by these CoPs are therefore not shared, representing a missed opportunity for those working in this area. Therefore, Members will contribute to, discuss, share, use, and have access to evidence and knowledge products that are most relevant to their specific areas of work for improved Youth SRHR policies and practices. 

CoP objectives

  • To share experiences and identify linkages on Youth SRHR between different SNI country  hubs.  
  • To connect national Youth SRHR CoPs to international organisations interested in or working on the  topic.  
  • To increase the visibility of and interest in the topic of Youth SRHR within SNI and different hubs Disseminate the knowledge and best practices generated by the various CoPs on SRHR and Youth. To provide a moderated forum for cooperation and knowledge-sharing which encourages member   
  • participation, two-way learning, and creates opportunities to increase the impact of knowledge on  Youth SRHR policy and practice   
  • To develop knowledge products that help to inform research agendas and promote the translation and  uptake of knowledge both by policy makers and practitioners.  

Key CoP Resources or Publications 

No knowledge products have been published by this iCoP yet  

Key annual CoP activities 

Not decided yet 

CoP launch date 

The Youth SRHR iCoP was launched in November 2022 

CoP Contacts 


Amie ndong

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