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CoP Overview and Introduction

The population of Burkina Faso is very young, with 65% of people are under 35 years of age. Adolescents and young people are faced by many challenges, among which are sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Many factors limit adolescents and young peoples ability to fully enjoy their SRHR, and they risk becoming vulnerable.

Institutional environments are related to a lack of knowledge, service quality and financial issues are obstacles for adolescents and young people to access SRHR. Adolescents and young people often don’t have access to good information and knowledge about SRHR, and other obstacles can be things like communicating about SRHR topics between parents and children. The consequences of different obstacles are a low-rate access to the use of contraceptive methods, unwanted pregnancies, child marriages, and clandestine abortions.

To face these obstacles, many policies are developed to account for adolescent and youth SRHR. Innovative approaches are implemented to improve SRHR, and learning platforms are often used. The development and sharing of SRHR knowledge through the interventions of organisations is a tactic used, and the adolescents and youth SRHR CoP is an opportunity to share and discuss the different experiences implemented by it’s members, and develop relevant knowledge products.

CoP Objectives

  • To strength the collaboration between actors working on adolescent and youth SRHR
  • To increase the interest of the general population on the topic of adolescent and youth SRHR
  • To ensure building capacity of CoP members
  • To develop knowledge products that help to inform adolescents and youth about SRHR topics
  • To disseminate knowledge products and best practices
  • To ensure advocacy for improving policy and practice
  • To strengthen social mobilisation and communication on adolescents and youth SRHR topics 

Key CoP Resources or Publications

There are currently no published knowledge products

Key Annual CoP Activities

  • To organize sharing experiences sessions of members activities
  • To organize meeting  for member on new approach
  • To realize e-campaign
  • To published information during international day
  • To developed knowledge product

CoP Launch Date

The CoP was launched in September 2022

CoP Contact

For more information about the CoP, please contact OUEDRAOGO Ives –



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