UHC2030’s Summary Document: Key Targets, Commitments & Actions

Posted by Nicole Moran on December 3, 2019 at 11:45 am

 UCH2030’s Summary Document

UHC Day 2019 is nearly here and UHC2030 have been working hard to bring us all the latest updates and information that we need.

2019 is arguably the biggest year for the universal health coverage (UHC) movement to date following the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) on UHC in September.

This year, UHC Day on 12.12.19 will urge world leaders to ‘Keep the Promise’, to meaningfully build on the commitments of all UN member states who endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history.

Every person—no matter who they are or where they live—should be able to get the quality health services they need without facing financial hardship.

What now?

We all have a critical role to play in ensuring that leaders are held accountable to their promises and that their words translate to action. The first step is knowing exactly what leaders committed to during the UN HLM.

UHC2030 are pleased to present a document summarizing the key targets, actions and commitments contained in the UHC Political Declaration in relation to the Key Asks from the UHC movement.

By bringing together the key asks and political declaration commitments in this way, this document provides an outline for strategic multi-stakeholder advocacy and accountability to help translate UN HLM commitments into action.

To read the UHC summary document, please click here

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