JOIN trainers Lab – Are you an experienced SRHR trainer?

Posted by Maria Codina on June 12, 2019 at 3:22 pm

Do you want to be hired more as a trainer? Difficulties in finding training opportunities? Trainers Lab can help you. Trainers Lab offers an international market place for trainers everywhere to expose and sell their expertise and for local civil society organisations to hire skilled local professionals to strengthen their organisational capacity and improve their SRHR interventions.

How it works – watch our animation

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your full profile, select your topics of expertise
  3. Include at least one review of an organization you previously trained

A build in review system offers peer recommendations and feedback about the different trainers in the database.


  1. Decide with your organisation what kind of training or workshop you need
  2. Select a trainer on Trainers Lab & Register your organization on Trainers Lab
  3. Plan your training between June and July and agree with the trainer on the content and trainersfee.
  4. Send an email to Miriam Groenhof at, with subject: TL Award for organizations. Explain:
    ➔ Who you want to hire through Trainers Lab
    ➔ How you will spend the €500
    ➔ When you will conduct your training/workshop (note: between June to august)
  5. The deadline for submitting is the 14th of June
  6. We will randomly select an organization (of those who meet the criteria)

What else can you do?

  • Trainers can upgrade their knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship in the Toolbox section
  • SRHR practitioners can upgrade their knowledge and skills on SRHR in the E-learning section.

More information: 

Are you a SRHR Trainer_flyer

Launch TrainersLab_Win an Award

If you have questions or you need support, please feel free to reach out to us. & follow us on #TrainersLab # Localleadership

Kind regards,
Trainers Lab

Trainers Lab was jointly developed by Aidsfonds, AIDS Foundation South Africa, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Dance4Life, IPPF, Rutgers, Sex Rights Africa , Simavi, and local partners.

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