Together Science Can Campaign Evaluation Brief

Posted by Share-Net Intl on August 23, 2018 at 2:54 pm


We are seeking an evaluation partner to help us review the initial phase of our Together Science Can advocacy campaign. Together Science Can was launched in September 2017 with a coalition of international partners to raise awareness of the importance of scientific collaboration.


Since launch, the site has published a range of online content; downloadable toolkits for individuals or organisations to use to publicise the campaign with their own networks.


Wellcome would like to review the progress of the campaign so far, identify successes and opportunities.


Campaign overview


Together Science Can is a campaign to celebrate and share stories about the importance of collaboration in science, and what this has achieved and could achieve in the future. Because when researchers from diverse backgrounds work together – whether that’s across institutes, disciplines, academia and industry, or countries – boundaries are broken and this leads to new ways of thinking, better solutions and faster progress. Together Science Can aims to tell this story using common language – joining our voices together so they become louder.


For decades, often invisible systems have been carefully constructed to make collaboration possible. But this environment is fragile. That’s why we need to speak up for collaboration and the systems and policies that make it possible.


The campaign aimed to build a strong supporter base of researchers who could be mobilized at key points to help support policy calls.  Supporters were asked to sign up on the campaign website and could download a range of tools, they also received a range of email newsletters with calls to action on. These could range from asking supporters to take part in a survey to ascertain their views, gathering case studies, encouraging supporters to respond to various relevant consultations or just showing their support for the campaign.


The campaign launched last September. The hashtag and ‘brain chain’ have been embraced by people on social media and widely used to share (and celebrate) stories about collaboration and mobility. Sentiment is overwhelmingly positive when people talk about TSC on social. While we’re pleased with TSC’s launch, we haven’t received as many sign-ups as we’d hoped for.


Since launch we have been using TSC to inspire and engage existing and future campaign supporters by showcasing and celebrating collaboration and mobility in a variety of formats including animations, short films and news features.


Evaluation Objectives

  • To assess the impact the campaign has had in the first year of launch both in terms of inspiring and engaging supporters but also from the perspectives of the different partners involved.
  • Provide recommendations for the next phase of the campaign development.


Evaluation Approach


We would like the evaluation to consist of partner interviews (with our 15 campaign partners) to explore successes, weaknesses of the campaign so far from their perspective and how the campaign could support their work in the future. We anticipate that this will be approximately 25 depth interviews across a range of countries.


Digital analysis of our campaign content performance using google analytics and also our social listening tool (Pulsar).


Supporter survey to ascertain views/experience of engaging with the campaign so far and how researchers have used the tools and resources provided.


If budget allows we would like to solicit some further views from researchers that haven’t signed up to the campaign and policy influencers.


Timescale and budget

We currently have approximately £10-12k for this piece of work and our keen for it to be delivered within 4 weeks of sign off of proposal. We would like proposals back by 9am on Tuesday 28th August 2018.



If you have any further questions about this brief, please contact Lara Clements at Wellcome Trust. (