SRHR for adolescents and youth


Adolescents and young people consistently lack access to sexual and reproductive health information and services (Engel et al., 2019). Adolescents and young women have the same right to control their bodies as adults and need to receive information, counseling, and access to the full range of modern contraceptive options. The adolescent SRH challenges are currently recognised through Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3, which aims to eradicate HIV infections and provide universal access to sexual and reproductive health services as well as incorporating such services into national strategies.

According to UNICEF, the number of adolescents in the world today is 1.2 billion, making up 16% of the world population. It is important to integrate adolescents and youth in the SRHR programmes in a participatory way so that they are able to take decisions and act accordingly having the right information. According to UNICEF, globally around 21% of young women were married before their 18th birthday. Youth-friendly SRH services and information therefore are essential conditions to reduce teenage pregnancies and related maternal mortality Also to prevent risky sexual behaviour of adolescents, correct information about SRHR through social media and youth clubs, child marriage, sexual orientation, equal opportunities, menstrual health management (MHM), use of media for communication, helpdesks could be the underlying issues of this track.

Preparation documents

In the preparations of the conference, consultants Khadija Mitu and Afroza Bulbul prepared a narrative review and evidence brief on SRHR for Adolescents and Youth.  The Narrative Review consisted of a literature review, through the academic databases ScienceDirect and Scopus and through Google and Google Scholar, publications from organizations’ websites, Share-Net International and Share-Net Bangladesh’s webpage as well as social media platforms. Key informant interviews were conducted with 12 SRHR and adolescents and youth experts. Focus Group Discussions were held with the Communities of Practice on SRHR for adolescents and youth in Bangladesh, Burundi, Jordan and the Netherlands.

The evidence brief1 summarizes the key messages and evidence of the Narrative Review on “sexual and reproductive health rights for adolescents and youth: Challenges and opportunities for achieving SRHR goals for adolescents and youth” which was conducted by the Share-Net Bangladesh for the Share-Net International 2020/21 Co-Creation Conference, “Engaging in Knowledge Translation Together”.