NVTG Symposium 2016 – Session Uniting Streams & Share-Net Netherlands

Posted by Kimberley Meijers on November 7, 2016 at 12:46 pm

NVTG Symposium: Session Uniting Streams & Share-Net Netherlands

Theme: Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Jelle Stekelenburg
Timekeeper: Lisanne Denneman

Linking research, policy and practice
This session was co-organised by the Share-Net Netherlands working group “Linking Research, Policy and Practice”1. Its aim was to increase the practical relevance of research outputs and to create and encourage knowledge sharing in order to improve evidence-informed policy and practice.

Our objective for this session was to share relevant insights and evidence and to stimulate discussion about the implications of these insights. Presenters shared recommendations for practice and/or policy, after which presenters and session participants were invited to reflect on strategies to bring these recommendations into practice.


Motivations for Teaching Sexuality Education in Uganda: Utilization of Cultural Schema Theory as a Theory for Understanding Behaviour
– Billie de Haas

(Mis)Understanding Sexual Violence in Conflict
– Rosanne M. Anholt

UNFPA Global Support to Family Planning: Mixed-Methods, Theory-Based Evaluation Design – Results and Challenges
– Anke van der Kwaak

Perspectives of Skilled Attendants on the Quality of BEmOC in Gondar, Northern Ethiopia
– Linda Barry

1 Members of the Share-Net Netherlands working group “Linking Research, Policy and Practice” are GNP+, International Institute of Social Studies, Oxfam Novib Academy, the Royal Tropical Institute, University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen, and University of Maastricht.

Please click here for the NVTG programme 2016 including abstracts of the presentations held during the Share-Net session.