Menstrual Health Training Manual

Posted by Maria Codina on November 5, 2018 at 2:19 pm

Guidelines for Menstrual Health Programming

This section starts with a general introduction to menstrual health. Building on that, the Simavi guidelines for menstrual health programming are laid out.

Introduction to menstrual health

Menstruation is a natural and regular occurrence that nearly all women of reproductive age experience. On average, a woman will have 450 menstrual cycles over approximately 38 years of her life. In addition, there are other forms of vaginal bleeding that women and other menstruators deal with between menarche and menopause. Despite this being part of the natural reproductive cycle, cultural beliefs and social norms in many countries restrict the participation of women, girls and menstruators in society during menstruation or other types of vaginal bleeding. In addition, limited access to clean water, proper sanitation facilities and menstrual products make it difficult for women to manage their vaginal bleeding hygienically. As a result, many (young) women and menstruators around the world face considerable physical and social challenges during their menstruation period.

You can read the Menstrual Health Training Manual via this link.