Matchmaking: Students and Organisations

Posted by Maria Codina on December 6, 2018 at 12:42 pm

We would like to introduce a new section in the Bi-weekly Newsletter ‘ Matchmaking: Students and Organisations’. One of the core pillars of our work is showcasing young researchers – issues addressed under this pillar include ensuring that young researchers are involved when improving links between research, policy and practice and making sure young researchers’ findings are picked up by policymakers and practitioners. To better connect students with researchers, practitioners and policymakers we share the profile of master students who would like connect to organisations to do research/internship.

Young Researcher Profile

Sydney Howe:

I am a Masters student in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. I am searching for an organisation that could benefit from a thesis research collaboration. My ideal thesis topic would take advantage of my extensive experience and skillset, but would also open up new experiences and opportunities for me, and allow me to connect academia with the real world. I am particularly looking to explore a topic within the SRHR world that can jump start my career here in Europe or Canada after graduation.
 I’m a somewhat unusual masters student, in that I am returning to school with ten years of work experience, most of which has been in the NGO world. I graduated with honors and a merit scholarship from Northwestern University (BA in Communication, with majors in Performance Studies and International Studies. My thesis won the 2009 Guetzkow prize in International Studies). Since then, I have worked in India, Cambodia, the US, and Germany, focusing on child marriage, domestic violence, education, migration and on poverty issues. The common denominator to all my undertakings was a focus on intercultural communication and making social norms visible. I empowered teenagers and adults from all walks of life to critically assess the world around them and gain the tools to navigate complex human challenges with greater success. I have also worked in the corporate and academic worlds, providing intercultural communication expertise and education to scientists, engineers, and German bureaucrats.
Through my work, I have developed a diverse skillset that includes filmmaking and editing, teaching and curriculum development, and logistics and planning. My masters program requires 2.5-3 months of direct fieldwork (hopefully with an element of ethnography), followed by a written thesis. Fieldwork needs to start in June and end no later than August 31. I will turn in my thesis by the end of December.
For my thesis, I am primarily interested in intercultural communication (this could mean across national cultures, or professional-to-lay communication, or any other type of communication that crosses boundaries) and social norm change. I wish to explore these larger themes within the field of sexual and/or reproductive health, rights, and technology, though I am open to the exact topic area. I would like to study connections among people or groups of people, rather than focusing on one group alone.  


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