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Posted by Charlotte van Tuijl on February 2, 2021 at 11:39 am


On the 12th of November, Share-Net Netherlands hosted its 9th Annual Young Researchers Event on “Linking Research, Policy and Practice”. This is a one-issue-only magazine following on from the event, in which a platform is given to young researchers in the field of SRHR. What we hope to achieve with this magazine is to, first and foremost, highlight the research and voices of the young researchers who presented their exciting work, but also to transform theory into praxis into what we like to call critical creativity. Academic research and data will be entangled with poetry and illustrations, with photography and prose, with loud slogans and subtle colors liberating the noise and messiness of art whilst maintaining a critical approach to the ways in which we can imbue the world with meaning.

The magazine presents the research shared in the event which was divided into four thematic areas:

Session 1: Menstrual, vulva and obstetric care

  • Maya Lane: “It’s like a knife plunged into me”- How good care is done for chronically painful vulvas
  • Hadir Barbar: “Exploring Menstrual Health Management Among Adolescent Girls in Egypt”
  • Merette Khalil: “Obstetric Violence in the Eastern Mediterranean Region”
  • Maddalena Giacomozzi: “Conjugating the biomedical and intersectional feminist paradigms to investigate birth positions among the Quichua communities of Ecuador and Peru”

Session 2: Social, cultural and organisational norms change

  • Juliana Mee: “Made in Vietnam: A Critical Investigation into the Implementation of Menstruation-Related Labor Legislation* in Vietnam’s Garment Factories”
  • Carys Stirling: “Strengthening Meaningful Youth Participation in Share-Net International”
  • Gopukrishnan Pillai: “Occupational Violence against Health Workers: Global insights with focus on India”
  • Zina Jorna: “The Politics of Abortion Care in Buenos Aires – Understanding Abortion Care Practices within a Context of a Political Debate to Legalize Abortion”

Session 3: SRHR services and reproductive care

  • Haifa’a Harun Mohammed Al-Wajeah: “Health System Factors Influencing Access and Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in conflict settings: Yemen”
  • Sydney Howe: “Producing Babies, Producing Knowledge: Infertility in Zambia in Narratives and Numbers”
  • Masha Zee: “Perceptions and encounters: perceptions and experiences of Dutch young women with a Turkish and Moroccan background related to contraception and contraceptive primary healthcare in the Netherlands”
  • Chandreyi Guharay: “Safe abortion trends (2015 – 2020): A review of the literature”

Session 4: Sexuality, sexual pleasure and LGBTI health

  • Alexandria Albertson: “Complicating Comprehensive: A Critical Feminist Discourse Analysis of Long Live Love”
  • Simay Cetin: “Sexuality among Turkish-Dutch women in a culturalist context”
  • Joy Dekker: “Women and Sexual Pleasure. Search for and experience of sex, intimacy, and pleasure of adult women with a physical disability in the Netherlands.”
  • Jennifer Sawyer: “Understanding LGBTI health: health issues and needs of LGBTI communities”

We really hope you enjoy this beautiful magazine!

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