#LForLove Photographic Series

Posted by Share-Net Intl on April 23, 2018 at 1:20 pm

Ever wonder what a Google image search for ‘lesbian’ will show up?
Smooching. Petting. Kissing. Touching. More smooching. You get the picture.

That’s what the world thinks a lesbian relationship is about. And that’s what Love Matters India is hoping you can help change with #LforLove – a campaign that shines the light on the emotions that connect two people. Irrespective of their sexual preference.

Help us spread the realisation that lesbians are normal. And so are lesbian relationships. Let’s end the portrayal of homosexual women as objects of fantasy. And recognize them for who they are – human beings who deserve love, respect and acceptance.

This photographic series answers a range of questions posed anonymously to a lesbian.
It has been created and shot, in association with members from the community.

View the full series here. 

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