Key Takeaways Share-Net Second Preparatory Meeting Road to AIDS 2018

Posted by Maria Codina on September 12, 2017 at 11:21 am

On August 31st, Share-Net, together with Aidsfonds and AFEW International, organized the second preparatory meeting, ‘Road to AIDS 2018’, for the International AIDS Conference 2018.

Interested Share-Net members and beyond came together to hear and discuss the preparations for this important event and to know who are the actors, what is being done, what can we do as NGOs, research institutes, universities, and individuals.

After the presentations from Aidsfonds, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and AFEW International, the participants were divided into groups for a brainstorm session. Each team focused on a subject to bring up ideas for activities, partnerships, opportunities etc. during the IAC 2018.


The following people joined to present and engage in discussion:

  • Marein de Jong, Sabrina Erné and Michaël Kensenhuis from AidsFonds, highlighted the outcomes of the IAS Conference on HIV science that took place in July 2017 in Paris. They also presented a global update and the progress towards the 90/90/90 targets.

You can find the Aidsfonds IAS Debriefing Presentation here and the Aidsfonds global update presentation here.

  • Daria Alexeeva, from AFEW International, offered a presentation about how Eastern Europe and Central Asia are getting ready for AIDS 2018.

You can find Daria Alexeeva presentation here. 

  • Liselotte Zoetmulder, from the International AIDS society, gave a practical guideline to prepare for the IAC 2018.

You can find Liselotte Zoetmulder presentation here. 

  • Monique Middelhoff and Els Klinkert, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave a presentation about the Dutch approach and the challenges this approach is facing.

You can find Monique Middelhoff and Els Klinkert presentation here. 


Recap from the group discussions:

Amsterdam Youth Force

To get young people involved in HIV/AIDS events there is a need to map youth organizations already working on HIV. During the conference, the Amsterdam Youth Force will organize a program in the Youth Pavilion.

Organizations are invited to:

  • Offer the Amsterdam Youth Force space in their newsletters and websites to create visibility.
  • Provide a space to host the Amsterdam Youth Force as they do not have a physical space to meet.
  • Contact the Amsterdam Youth Force if any organization is interested in getting involved with the visit of UNAIDS representative who will be in Amsterdam at the end of September.
  • Motivate young leaders from the organizations to volunteer at the Amsterdam Youth Force.

 Suggestion Monique: Amsterdam Youth Force to link up with the (new) Youth Ambassador.

Focal point: Tomas Pico Chang, Hivos


HIV Funding gap

The presentations made clear that in addition to the lack of funding, also funds will be allocated to different issues. That is why there is the need to create awareness and to use the money we have more efficiently.

How can we be more efficient?


  • Programmatic efficiencies.
    • Health System Strengthening
    • Supply chain consolidation
    • Private/Commercial Sector Involvement
    • Program Integration
  • Co-Payment (people that can pay, should start paying a little) Alternative funding from the bottom up.
  • Innovations:
    • Technological Innovations
    • Market Shaping

 Focal point: Douglas Call, PSI Europe



A Progressive march for AIDS 2018! It will bring together activists, sex workers, LGBTQI, drug users, scientists, young people, and so on. We need individuals who are committed to speaking out for progressive values, voices, and human rights. This march should also engage the general public and follow up with IAS.

Message: To End AIDS!

Focal point: Anne Dankert, Aidsfonds


The Dutch Booth

There is the need to find ways to formulate the Dutch Approach in such a way that all Dutch organizations working in this field feel represented, so everyone feels comfortable promoting this approach. The Amsterdam Planning Group, together with others should come to discuss the next step on this subject.

Focal point: Sjoerd van Elsen, Aidsfonds


Harm Reduction

To keep Harm Reduction on the program, we need to generate noise. The working group will finalize their plans next week. There will be a harm reduction zone within AIDS 2018 which will include all kind of activities such as a drug consumer room. There will be two points of entry at the conference. One will be about the history of harm reduction in the Netherlands and the second one will talk about what is happening in Philippines and Indonesia.

To get attention, they will be in close contact with international and local harm reduction organizations as well as the press.

Focal point: Anke van Dam, AFEW


Key Populations

We all start with a large program that works for the mainstream, but they won’t work for the last 10-15 percent. This working group wants to focus on what works for these particular key populations? And how can we show that a tailor made program is realistic and yield results while not necessarily costing more money.

Message: How can we reach the last 10% and how will we get results?

Focal Point: Christina de Vries, Cordaid


Next Preparatory Meeting:

 The next Preparatory Meeting will be organized by Share-Net Netherlands in November 2017.

In the meantime, please share your ideas and what you are also doing with Share-Net. You can send this to or, and we will make sure it will be communicated within the group and possibly other relevant persons.