Joining forces for women in India

Posted by Maria Codina on March 12, 2018 at 12:23 pm

Choice over stigma is key to the work we do at Love Matters India. In India, millions of women and girls experience unsafe abortions because they are subject to shame, stigma and judgment for the choices they make about their own bodies. In solidarity with the movement on a national and global level, Love Matters India joined forces with SheDecides to support the launch of the programme.


Love Matters India as the key SRHR programme, using digital platforms to provide much needed information to young people, pulled its resources and digital skills to support and push forward the SheDecides launch in India.


Specifically, Love Matters India produced a video with the voice over of key SRHR advocates in India, such as Kamla Bhasin, Poonam Muttreja and Abhina Aher and SheDecides’ Ambassador, Indira Jaisingh. These influencing figures expressed what SheDecides movement means to them and why there is a need for it in India. The video was circulated online and offline during the launch event.


Love Matters India team will continue supporting SheDecides in achieving its goal and reaching out for more Indian women. We are currently working on another video, recorded during the SheDecides launch event, to further contribute to SheDecides visibility throughout Indian networks. We also supported the movement by giving it shout-outs during our recent online campaign ‘#WomenWhoTalkAboutSex’ and tweeting about it during their recent online campaign, both of which were held on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018.