ICJ call for submissions: Principles on use of criminal law

Posted by Maria Codina on December 19, 2018 at 10:22 am

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has opened a call for submissions on the use and misuse of criminal law in the areas of sexuality, reproduction, drug use and HIV. 
In 2016 the UN Secretary General called for the removal of punitive laws, policies and practices that violate human rights, stating that the misuse of criminal law often negatively impacts on health and human rights, particularly in areas of sexuality, reproduction, sex work, drug use and HIV. Recognising a need for greater guidance to achieve such law reform, ICJ is seeking inputs for the development of principles to address the detrimental impact on health, equality and human rights of criminalization with a focus on sexuality, reproduction, drug use and HIV.
This is an important opportunity for civil society, academics, law makers, human rights experts, community groups and persons affected by the relevant criminal laws, to provide input, including the effect of such criminal laws, when and how criminal law should be used, what reforms are needed and what role criminal law should play in the relevant areas. A background paper providing further information is attached.
The deadline for submissions is the 16th of February and has a 5 page limit. These submissions will feed into the development of a first draft of principles. Please send your submissions, as well as any questions or clarifications, to decrimconsultation@icj.orgPlease feel free to circulate this email as well as the two attachments to your networks.

Additional information

Use of Criminal Laws ICJ Call for Submissions
ICJ Call for Submissions Background Paper

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