Host a Volunteer

Posted by Maria Codina on April 9, 2018 at 8:29 am

The International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) will take place on 23-27th July in Amsterdam. This conference is the main event in the fight against HIV/AIDS worldwide. Even though young people make up 30% of all new HIV infections globally, they are, unfortunately, always underrepresented during AIDS conferences.

The main reason for this is financial barriers. Participation in the conference is expensive:
registration fees, costs for accommodation and travelling all together makes it almost impossible for young people to participate.

The Amsterdam Youth Force (AYF) is a coalition of young people who are working together to ensure the participation of young people in the lead up to and during AIDS 2018. To this end, we are organizing a Youth Pre-conference during the weekend preceding AIDS 2018. We are offering a unique opportunity for young people to work as volunteers for the AIDS 2018 Youth pre-conference, which includes planning and execution of various activities, empowering them to take ownership of the Youth pre-conference and conference, learn about HIV and SRHR advocacy and build capacity to engage in these subjects further.

Our volunteers will have a unique chance to not only attend conferences, but to participate in a number of social events and trainings, which will help them build a professional network to later use to build capacity for HIV/AIDS response in their own communities.

Amsterdam Youth Force is working hard to enable as many young people as possible to participate in the International AIDS Conference and other related events. The problem we now face, however, is that the costs of stay in Amsterdam in summer are high. In the spirit of solidarity and openness, for which the city of Amsterdam is known, we are asking your help to host one or more of our volunteers in Amsterdam.

You will be making a young person’s dream come true and add to an exciting overall experience in the conference and Amsterdam. Moreover, you will have a chance to meet motivated young people from all over the world and perhaps build friendships and learn about other cultures!

Ideal Hosts

  • Live in the area of Amsterdam (preferably not more than 30 min away by public transport)
  • Are willing to host a volunteer at his/her home for the period of 19th-27th July 2018
  • Answer questions and concerns encountered by volunteers

All hosts are also welcome to volunteer with Amsterdam Youth Force (separate from the volunteer programme, which is limited to youth only) and to attend activities in the run-up and during the conference. Moreover, we are planning drinks where you can meet us, other volunteers and fellow hosts to exchange experiences and to get to know each other.

If you wish to become a host, please send an email with a small intro about yourself to with a subject line “HOST A VOLUNTEER”. Please include where you live and how many people you would want to host. The deadline for host applications is June 7th.

Please note:

The Amsterdam Youth Force will provide information about the volunteers and we will facilitate the virtual meeting between the hosts and volunteers before you agree to host that volunteer. We will introduce the volunteers and the hosts to one another about a month before arrival to Amsterdam to build trust and friendship between them. We will also organize a meet and greet session/party to thank our kind hosts and volunteers for making this a momentous time in history.

However, the Amsterdam Youth Force will not incur any liability during the volunteers stay with the Host. Volunteers will be screened and given instructions on appropriate behaviour.

Thank you for helping us make youth’s voices heard!