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Posted by Maria Codina on December 20, 2018 at 1:04 pm

From January 1th 2019, the abortion pill will be legally available through general physicians in Ireland.

The first abortion ship campaing of Women on Waves visited Ireland in 2001 and Women on Web has facilitated safe abortions with pills to women living in Ireland since 2006.

Since 2014, we campaigned alongside Irish parliamentarian Ruth Coppinger and the women’s rights organisation ROSA and we are proud we provided the scientific data about the number of women living in Ireland who used abortion pills that helped Irish politicians reach the decision that abortion should be legalized in Ireland.

Also in 2018 we developed innovate campaigns and strategies that influence public opinion and led to change of policies and laws. Only when abortion pills become available without any obstacles, will all women, also the most vulnerable ones with difficult social economic circumstances, domestic violence, mental and physical health problems that limit their mobility and undocumented women be able to access this much needed healthcare service. And until this is reality everywhere, Women on Web will continue facilitating access to safe abortions with pills.

So lets have a look back at some of the highlights of 2018.

  1. A new study of Women on Web data published in BMJ shows harm caused by restrictive abortion laws in Northern Ireland.
  2. A study containing in depth interviews exploring the reasons why women from the USA look for abortion pillls online.
  3. On January 23 th, the BMJ published research about the use of abortion pills obtained through Women on Web by women living on the Isle of Man. On January 30 th, the paper was circulated under the MHKs to give them good background information before the vote on a new bill allowing abortion up to 14 weeks. The bill passed in the House of Keys. On November 7 th the bill was given unanimous backing by Tynwald members. The Abortion Reform Bill 2018 is delivered to the Lieutenant Governor for Royal Assent. Once it receives Royal Assent, the Council of Ministers will to name the date when it will be enacted.

So our New Years Wish for 2019 is that we will continue to make obstacles to safe abortion care visible, catalyze policy and legal changes that remove the obstacles and continue to create better access to abortion case around the world. And with your support we can really do it! (please click here to make a donation for Women on Waves or Women on Web)

Thank you so much!

On behalf of everybody working with Women on Waves and Women on Web and women from around the world.

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