Previously Awarded Grants Archive

Below you can find an archive of all Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) grants awarded by Share-Net International (SNI) since our grants program commenced in 2014. So far, we have awarded more than 90 grants, building SRHR knowledge products designed and researched by our members. The latest version of our grants program - The Knowledge Activation Grants - are launched each autumn. Please see our grants information page and our grants listings page for more information and opportunities.

2022 Grantees: Knowledge Activation Grants


LGBTIQ+ Adaption for Inclusive SRHR Policies

The SRHR of Internally IDP in Northern Ethiopia

Contraception & Abortion Access: Women, Girls & LGBTQ+ People

SRHR Information For People With Visual Disabilities

Lack of Factual Access: SRHR Comms for Young People

The Gender and SRHR Multimedia Knowledge Database

SRHR Training Materials for Young People with Disabilities

SRHR of Disabled & Vulnerable Groups in Crisis Settings

Raising Awareness: Young People’s Access to SRHR

A Call to Action on Female Genital Mutilation: Video Podcast

Maternal Mortality: IDP of Afro-Indigenous Descendence

Menstrual Health Documentation for People with Disabilities

SRHR Knowledge: Young Colombian & Venezuelan Women

Abortion Training: Advocacy Guidelines, Videos & more

2021 Grantees: Small Grants


Climate Change and SRHR links

Be Your Daughter's Superhero

Trans women's SRHR Needs

Cholo Kotha Boli: Youth-To-Youth Podcast

Youth-Know your SRHR policies

Dhee 2.0: Forced LGBTIQ Marriages

Your Egyptian Doula

FairSpace: Let's Talk Safety in Dutch AZC's

Disabled Youth's SRHR knowledge

Happy accident? Reproductive Decision Making

Against Stigma & Discrimination

University of Groningen: RUG podcast

The Kuziko Game: Sensitive Topics

Correcting Common SRH Misconceptions

2020 Grantees: COVID-19 Grants


SRH services in Nigeria & Cameroon

Trans and Hijra Lives During COVID-19

Access to C&A services

Gender Perspective: During Coronavirus

Policy Dialogue: GBV & COVID-19

Menstruation Shouts

2020 Grantees


Peer Education 101: For Us by Us

Transforming capacities into SRHR advocacy

Youth SRHR Chatbot

Breast Feeding Initiation and Support

Mental Health and SRHR

Easy access to SRHR during Lockdown

Disability-Inclusive SRHR

Does gamifying SRHR increase knowledge?

Hub Innovation: Youth Skills

Assessing visualisation tool uptake

Digital & Event SRHR Innovation

Factors of school interventions on Menstrual Health

Right to Abortion during Covid-19

Correcting Common SRH Misconceptions

2019 Grantees: Co-Creation Conference Grants


Breaking The Silence on Infertility

Breaking the Silence on Sub/Infertility

Online Activists: SRHR Responses

SRHR in Crisis & Fragility

Know-How of Early Marriage Prevention

2018 Grantees: Small Grants


Where Do They Go? SRHR Services for Single Women in Bangladesh

Deliberative Dialogues: SRHR in Educational Settings in Jordan

Jembatan: Replica & Practical Tool for Integrating Infertility into SRHR

Indonesian Youth: SRHR issues, Self-respect, happiness, & Love

#MenstrualHealthMatters: Solutions & Agenda setting for MHM

Evidence-based Advocacy: Championing SexEd in Europe

2017 Grantees: Small Grants


Documentary: Sexual Diversity in Bangladesh: Narratives of LGB Youth

To Porn, Or Not To Porn? Addressing the Lack of CSE in Ethiopia

Translating SRHR: an English – Bangla Dictionary Application

From Research To Practice: Maternal Health Research in Ghana

Promoting SRHR & Inclusion in Bangladesh's Adolescent Health Strategy

Research & Practice: Translating Research Into Action

Addressing Disrespectful & Abusive Behaviour During Pregnancy

National Capacity-Strengthening: Europe Unite For CSE Rights!

Indicators on the Impact of Integrating SRH in Jordanian Higher Education

Social Norms & SRHR Violations in Nigeria: Research for Influencing

Maternal & Newborn Services: Rapid Health Facility Assessment

Positive Effects of Father’s Involvement During Maternity Care

2016 Grantees: Small Grants


Photo Series: Exploring the Sexuality of Disabled Bangladeshi People

CSE, Teachers & In/formal Curricula: Role of Teachers in Enhancing Young Peoples SRHR

GBV in Burundi: Capacity Building of Documentation Systems

Responsive Collaboration in the Cibitoke Province: SSR Promotion

Socio-Cultural Opportunities & Barrier to Family Planning in Jordan

The Status Quo of RH programs for People with Disabilities

Urban Kenyan's Willingness To Pay for Male & Female Condoms

2015 Grantees: Small Grants


Exploring Mental Health Needs & Support Systems: LGBT Population in Bangladesh

Involuntarily Childlessness, Low Cost IVF & Fertility Organisations in Ghana & Kenya

Basic Life Skills for Psycho-Social Wellbeing of Transgender Youth in Bangladesh

Prevention of Disrespect & Abuse During Facility-Based Childbirth in Central Asia

Decoding SRHR: Digital Toolkit For Better Understanding of SRHR in Bangladesh

Mobilising Corporate Resources For Sustainable Youth-Focused SRHR Programs

Safe Motherhood & RH: Capacity Building in Emergency Obstetric & Neonatal Care

Preventing Post-Partum Haemorrhage: Active Third-Stage Labour Management

2014 Grantees: Small Grants


Using Evidence Gathered by Those Living With HIV To Inform Advocacy in Burundi

Experimental Study - Mobile For Mothers: Are Mobile Apps a Way For Improving Safer Motherhood?

The Power of Confident People: Edutainment Approach To Youth Sexuality Education

BUZA's Bridging The Gaps: Health & Rights for Key Populations in Global Alliance

Exploring Youths Explicit Media Usage to Improve CSE Programs: Great Lakes Region

Preparing Bangladeshi Stakeholders for the Introduction of Female Condoms

Gender Analysis: Women and Girls In Charge of Their Own SRH to Fulfil Their Potential in Society

Novel Research-Based Approaches To Contraceptive Choices Amongst HIV-Infected Women

Differences in Rwandan District Performance: Adolescent RH Services & Coverage