Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) is a global partnership to empower women and girls by investing in rights-based family planning. FP2020’s Catalyzing Collaboration report highlights achievements of FP2020 over the past six years, and outlines the model for moving their work forward towards the post-2020 world and Sustainable Development Goals. The report highlights FP2020’s multisectoral approach to family planning.

“Collaboration with other sectors has been a defining feature of the past year. FP2020’s links with the maternal health community are growing deeper and stronger, at both the country and global level. Together with our partners in the humanitarian sector, we’re expanding the body of work on family planning in crisis settings. The family planning and HIV communities, siloed for so long into different funding streams, are beginning to break down the barriers that have kept us apart. As universal health coverage assumes a central role in countries’ long-range strategies, family planning partners are spending more time in discussions with ministries of finance and economic development.

“We’re continuing to explore new pathways with the private sector, building off the innovative partnerships announced at last year’s Family Planning Summit. Our partnerships with youth-led organizations are blossoming, as is our connection with faith communities. And our burgeoning relationship with the environmental sector is hugely promising, opening a pathway to achieving healthy people and a healthy planet.”

You can access the resource via using this link.