First Global She Decides FC2 female condom winners

Posted by Maria Codina on March 5, 2018 at 3:08 pm

For the first SheDecides Day the FC2 Female Condom announced the two winners of the one year long supply of FC2.


Faith Duncan from Nigeria discovered the FC2 female condom with her husband and they never want to use anything else again! It brings comfort, ease, intimacy and pleasure while protecting them both. Faith wrote the following poem to reflect her experience with the FC2.

Eureka! I found the secret to cloud 9+
FC2 my condom queen.
You rule well in the affairs of sexual intercourse.
You are the most generous; equal and fair to both parties.
You make the marital act an ever sought after.
As much pleasure you give, you doubly provide the needed protection.
Never a dull moment with you!
You have given the woman the power to CHOOSE and PROTECT herself.
The room, you give to the man is unbelievable!
Above all, you have made protected sexual experience the most natural.
FC2 my sexual high! I hail thee.


Leonard Otieno, a registered nurse from Kenya is the founder of CONDOLYMPICS! A program designed to ensure that through entertainment men and women gain confidence and an attitude change in the correct and consistent use of male and female condoms. The Condolympic activities allow people to interact with the female condom in an uninhibited forum while at the same time sharing condom knowledge and gaining usage skills.

Male support in creating gender equality is crucial and we are happy to see the young generation of men in Kenya picking this up!

Congratulations Leonard and Faith! The year-long supply of the FC2 female condom is coming your way!