New data on European support to Sexual Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Posted by Charlotte van Tuijl on February 4, 2020 at 10:58 am

The Countdown 2030 Europe Consortium has just shared the most recent trends in SRHR policies and funding support by European donor countries – through their latest report and an online data dashboard.

The analysis done by Countdown 2030 Europe shows that financial and political commitments have been solidified in 2018-2019, and support was championed in many global fora. The majority of European countries under review (10 out of 12) either increased or maintained funding to SRH/FP, even where in some instances cuts to Official Development Assistance (ODA) have been made. European countries have also featured SRHR, including FP, as a key component in their humanitarian and long-term development policies, demonstrating renewed policy commitment and political focus. The combined figure for all 12 European donor countries gives an estimated support of 845 million Euros to SRH/FP for 2018, an overall increase of 5% when compared to 2017 and 42% compared to 2012. There is also an increase of 25 million Euros in funding to UNFPA between 2017-2018.

Ireland showed the most significant increase in percentage growth of funding for SRH/FP since 2017, with an increase of funding by 50%, followed by Spain (42%). The UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden remain the largest donors. Among these, both Norway and the UK sustained 2017 levels and the Netherlands showed the most significant increase in absolute terms.

Opposition to SRHR in Europe has significantly increased in recent years, and we stand at a critical moment in European history with a new populist rhetoric of fear, national self-interest and conservatism. At the same time, we recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the ground-breaking International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Nairobi, where our European Donor Governments and the EU reaffirmed strong support to achieving SRHR through development cooperation. Five new SRHR related policy documents were endorsed by these European countries in 2019, and an increased focus on SRHR in humanitarian settings has been observed.

With 2020 being a key timebound deadline for the FP2020 global commitments, the call to action across the global health community to increase funding for international SRHR and FP programmes will be reinforced. The Countdown 2030 Europe consortium will use landmark moments including the follow-up of the Nairobi Summit and the ongoing Beijing +25 review to ensure Europe remains a strong supporter for these issues worldwide.

For more detailed data and analysis, read the full report ‘European Donor Support to Sexual & Reproductive Health & Family Planning Trends Analysis 2018-19’ online.

The data can also be further explored on the new online data dashboard.

For individual country profiles, providing country-specific context, policies and funding information for each of the 12 countries and the European Institutions, please visit:

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