Call for Applications: IAS – KAP Community Actors Declaration

Posted by Kimberley Meijers on April 5, 2017 at 10:16 am

Application deadline: 15 April 2017.

Putting Key Populations back at the heart of research and the fight against HIV. HIV and key population activists, we need you! Join this process to elaborate the “Community Actors Declaration”, a GIPA 2.0.

This year, the IAS is organizing its conference in Paris from the 23th to the 26th of July. In parallel, the Local Associative Committee – CAL of the IAS Paris 2017 (composed of Acceptess-T, AIDES, ARCAT, Basiliade, Comité des familles, CST+, Médecins du monde, Raac-SIDA, Sidaction, etc.) has decided to organize an event to bring together several community actors who will be there for the conference.

Therefore, on Saturday the 22th of July, LAC is organizing a “Symposium of Key Populations Community Actors”. This symposium will be the opportunity to make public a Community Declaration of Paris from the different Key Affected People (KAP). This declaration will be drafted before the symposium by a virtual working group of KAP activists from all around the world.

“Nothing for us, Without us!”

The goal of this declaration is to make a “Denver Declaration 2.0”. A new “GIPA” which would be extended to all Key Affected People (Trans people, Drugs Users, MSM, Sex workers and Migrants), living with HIV or not, demanding their place at the center of health policy and scientific research and in decision making.
IAS 2017 in Paris would be a strong symbolic first step for this Community Declaration, but we will need to take some steps further during the following year in order to reach IAS 2018 in Amsterdam, with a Declaration endorsed by a large number of networks and community organizations all over the world.

It is for this reason that we’re reaching out to your network today: we are looking for KAP activists and community leaders from different parts of the world who would be prepared to take part in the declaration’s construction and join its steering committee, that will be composed of 15 to 18 members, and its “Experts panels” (composed of 50 to 70 members), representing the different KAP around the world. The declaration will be drafted using the DELPHI methodology, which is a useful and a recognized approach to reach community consensus.

The steering committee will be in charge of running a succession of surveys submitting proposed items to the larger Experts panels who will have to rate and comment each proposal, until a general consensus is reached.

Each Steering Committee applicant will also be able to suggest 2 to 3 proposals from his/her network that will be used as material for the work on the Declaration and the first version of the survey.

There is the link to the website where you can apply until Saturday the 15th of April:

Here are the general criteria that CAL will use for the selection of all the participants:
o Being at ease to work in English
o Being part of a key population
o From a high prevalence country / world region
o Sub-criteria: Diversity of geographic regions, genders, ages, HIV and hepatitis status, migration or detention experience, etc.

And the specific criteria for the Steering Committee:
o Network heads and/or community leaders
o Able to formulate health problems and to work in a team
o Available at least a few hours a week

CAL will be responsible for ensuring that everyone contributes actively in the process and that it is conducted in a respectful and caring manner with zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other stigmatizing and discriminatory remarks.