Alles Beeft in de wind (Everything shivers with the wind)

Posted by Maria Codina on February 1, 2018 at 8:33 am

In the 1970’s the young country Pakistan, founded in 1947, is split into a western province and an eastern province, with India in the middle. The country faces many challenges. One of these is a continuation of its huge population growth. To counter poverty as well as the growing birth rate, the government launches a family planning policy.

In 1970, several research teams are formed and sent to rural areas to find out how this policy is working. The author is a member of one of these teams.
Her team spends several months in a village in the province of East Pakistan. She holds extensive interviews with the local women about their lives. Marriage, pregnancies, education of their children, the (mostly poor) economic situation of their families, daily routine, opinions on birth control, all these and other topics are discussed.

But in the same period the political situation in the country becomes more tense. The national elections of December 1970 turn out to be a huge victory fort the Awamy League, the party that wishes more autonomy for the province of East Pakistan. This leads from much unrest to a civil war. In the end, in 1971, the independent country Bangladesh is established.

Besides a story about the lives and situations of the rural population, the book is a portrait of an important and turbulent period in the history of Bangladesh.


It is a must for those who are interested in an inside view into the lives of a majority of the Bangladeshi people- the mainly illiterate village population.


More Information about the book

ALLES BEEFT IN DE WIND (Everything shivers with the wind)
A book about rural Bangladesh
Ellettha Schoustra
Lucturium Uitgeverij, Zoetermeer 2017
ISBN 978-90-484-4144-0

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