Abortion, the crusaders counter-attack

Posted by Share-Net Intl on March 7, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Across Europe, new, highly organized activists are leading a dreadful crusade against abortion and the freedom of women to dispose of their bodies. An exciting – and disturbing – investigation into these networks of influence.

More than four decades after the Veil Act (1975), the right to abortion is undergoing a concerted offensive in Europe, led by a new generation of activists, masters in communication and petitions. Poland to Hungary, he fell back under the aegis of ultraconservative governments, while in Italy, under the influence of the Church, 70% of gynecologists “conscientious objectors” now refuse to practice abortion – legal since forty years – depriving women of the freedom to dispose of their bodies. In France, a small legion of pro-life activists, led by a young advertising campaign, is fighting the cultural field among 15-35 year olds, through media and social networks. Between seduction and misinformation, their campaign mixes conservatism and pop style, resuming the feminist terminology to better divert them. Federated and remarkably organized, these anti-abortion soldiers also exert a powerful lobbying in Brussels. Who are hiding behind these modern crusaders, who pool their pernicious methods of persuasion and invoke violations of human rights and freedom of choice (to live) in their war against abortion?


A disturbing map of Europe 

Through a rigorous investigation that gives voice to these activists and women victims of their offensive, Alexandra Jousset and Andrea Rawlins-Gaston trace these networks to draw a worrying map of Europe. A state of affairs all the more chilling as these crusaders are affably asserting their psychological terrorism, as in this sequence where Catholics in Italy solemnly bury fetuses collected in hospitals. The film also reveals the financing circuits of these pro-life movements, very discreetly sponsored by rich American foundations, linked to the ultra-Christian and the evangelical circles, as by some Russian oligarchs, fundamentalist Orthodox. ” You will have to be vigilant for life“, prophesied Simone de Beauvoir, addressing women 70 years ago.