Collection of banners made by Share-Net Bangladesh to celebrate SheDecides first year anniversary!

Posted by Maria Codina on March 8, 2018 at 9:19 am

To celebrate SheDecides movement, Share-Net Country Hub in Bangladesh has developed a series of banners to show the impact of SheDecides and the Global Gag Rule. Here you can find a recompilation of all the banners they made to celebrate SheDecides first year anniversary.

It is time to stand up, speak out and change the rule to ensure equal rights! Around the world, women and girls are denied to have the right to make a decision for herself. This threatens her existence and her ability to live fulfilling life. This is the pivotal moment to let her take her own decision and move on her own axis.

You can also visit their Facebook website to see all the posts.


Around the world, many women are not allowed to make the decision about family planning which results in unintended pregnancy and complications during childbirth. She has the right to decide when and how many children she wants. Using contraceptives help her to have control over her body. According to Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, 2014, the use of contraceptives has increased from 8% in 1975 to 62% in 2014.


Although contraceptive use has risen in Bangladesh, still many girls are the victim of child marriage. They are not allowed to take decision about their life partner. Being unprepared, they get pregnant leading their life in danger. She Decides is the campaign of the empowerment of the girls to become the center of their life. No more girl should be the victim of child marriage.



To avoid unintended pregnancy and related health complications, safe MR (Menstrual Regulation) can save women’s life.  Every woman has the right to Safe MR. She has the right to decide when to go through immense change of her body.


Family Planning has an impact in controlling the population and ensuring the well-being of women at the same time. This effects women’s journey to progress and prosperity.