2017 Awarded Small Grants

Posted by Maria Codina on November 30, 2017 at 3:17 pm

In addition to the research coordinated through NWO/WOTRO a small grants fund has been established to further the aims of Share-Net International. This fund is open to all members of Share-Net International for any of the following activities.

  • Execution of research/evaluation projects, including operational research
  • Dissemination to policy makers and practitioners of recommendations, research findings, articles, etc.
  • Implementation of research findings, recommendations and evaluations.
  • Strengthening local capacity activities, relating to knowledge management
  • Organising or attending meetings conferences etc.
  • Conducting literature reviews, scoping studies, capitalisation and mapping activities
  • Bringing together people for proposal writing
  • Promotion of the knowledge platform within focus countries

Small grants are available for work in the focus countries to address the prioritised research needs and also for any low or middle income country.

Share-Net International is glad to announce that 2017 Awarded Small Grants are the following:

  1. The University of Jordan and the Royal Health Awareness Society (RAHS)

    Development of outcome indicators to assess the impact of integrating youth sexual reproductive health information programs into higher education curriculum in Jordan.

    Aim: To create a new programme to integrate SRH with other efforts to improve education and information for health promotion in the curriculum.

  2. Jordan University of Science & Technology, Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Nursing

    Maternal and newborn services in Jordan: Rapid Health Facility Assessment.

    Aim: Determine the capacity of health facilities to provide obstetric and neonatal care and assess the quality of care provided during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum periods.

  3. Jordan University of Science and Technology

    The Positive effect of father’s involvement during maternity care for his wife.

    Aim: To develop, implement and evaluate an intervention to promote father inclusion of MNH. In addition, they want to promote active fathers inclusion in MNH. Finally, to enhance community awareness and advocacy for the positive role of fathers.

  4. Independent member

    Using the score card‘s dialogue as a way to address the disrespectful and abusive behaviour of health workers towards pregnant women at childbirth services in Burundi.

    Aim:The aim of the score card session is to identify causes for staff poor behavior and to help finding a commonly agreed solution by providing a platform for health providers, women and community members to discuss the issue and propose solutions.

  5. James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC Universit

    Documentary on sexual diversity in Bangladesh: Narratives of LGB Youth.

    Aim: Explaining sexual diversity through a video, and using it to initiate dialogues with policymakers, government officials and youth in Bangladesh.

  6. RedOrange

    “Translating SRHR”: an English – Bangla Dictionary Application.

    Aim: To develop a user – friendly SRHR dictionary application that can be used on cell phones, laptops and tablets.

  7. Turning Point Foundation

    Promote SRHR and Inclusion in the Government’s National Plan of Action on Adolescent Health Strategy 2017-2030 in Bangladesh.

    Aim: To enable 60 adolescents from marginalized groups to review and provide inputs in the National Plan of Action on Adolescent Health Strategy 2017-2030 through enhancing their knowledge and confidence. In addition, they want to promote inclusion of that group in the Plan mentioned above through advocacy.

  8. PSI Europe

    To Porn, Or Not To Porn? That Is The Question: Addressing the Lack of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Ethiopia.

    Aim: The aim of this proposal is to address these growing educational and emotional needs through a CSE product that provides relevant, readily accessible information about sex and sexual and reproductive health care.

  9. University Medical Center Utrecht

    From research to practice: the value of five years of maternal health research collaboration in Ghana.

    Aim: First of all, it aims to illustrate the value of research and research capacity building to improve maternal health in Ghana. the second aim is to share and build support for the value of maternal health research in Ghana and the Netherlands.

  10. Aidsfonds

    Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice: a participatory process to translate research into action.

    Aim: To tailor the findings to the needs of each target audience (alliance partners, country partners, policymakers), to be able to effectively promote changes in policies and practice. The outcomes of the additional analysis of the country case studies will help us to translate the research into action plans and into products to be used by each of the target audiences, for improved collaboration and for evidence-based advocacy.

  11. CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality

    Capacity-strengthening for national level policy change: Europe Unite for CSE rights!

    Aim: They aim to advocate for the implementation of CSE programs in Eastern Europe, firstly by creating a supportive environment for CSE integration in national level policies.

  12. Oxfam Novib

    Social Norms underpinning SRHR violations in Nigeria: translating research for use in influencing policy and practice.

    Aim: The aim is to translate the research on deepened understanding about social norms in Nigeria into materials useful for the ‘ENOUGH’ campaign, which Oxfam will co-create and implement with local partners including women and human rights organisations and youth movements.