Terms of Reference Capacity Building Support

Posted 2 weeks ago

Dance4Life is transitioning. In 2016 Dance4Life decided to become a true social franchise. Dance4Life decided to franchise it’s youth empowerment model (annex I) to organizations who are both enthusiastic as eligible. Dance4Life spent 2017 to decide what kind of organizations would be ideal to work with, by developing a partner profile (annex II). This profile details the standards our partner organizations have to adhere to. Dance4Life realized that by developing this new standard not all of our current partner organizations would meet the new requirements. As Dance4Life does see the added value of organizations that have been working with Dance4Life for the past years, we want to offer them support in order for them to grow towards the requirements of the partner profile.


Dance4Life is looking for a consultant that can strengthen the capacity of two organizations within the Dance4Life network; Youth Network for Sustainable Development (YNSD) in Ethiopia and Theatre for Social Change (TfSC) in Ghana.
YNSD is a youth-led network organization in Ethiopia, that specifically focuses on sexual reproductive health for young people through their network of youth-led organizations in Ethiopia. In a previous assessment YNSD indicated they need specific support on the following:

Topic you would like capacity building/support on and What exact skills/ knowledge/support do you need?

1. Resource mobilization: support in developing resource mobilization strategy and training for our staff on how to implement.
2. Strategic Planning: support in developing a new strategic plan for YNSD. Our staff need skills in strategic planning.
3. Documentation of Learning: Skills in documentation of learning and carrying out research to improve evidence base of our work.


TfSC is a youth-focused organization in Ghana, that specializes in community theatre workshops.n In a previous assessment TfSC indicated they would need support on the following:

Topic you would like capacity building/support on and What exact skills/ knowledge/support do you need?

1. Resource mobilization: Innovative techniques in mobilizing resources from individual, private sector and governments
2. Branding: How to make our Theatre methodology /REACH MODEL and J4L visible in Ghana
3. Research Monitoring: Evaluation and Learning. How to use online and mobile data collection and analysis tools to gather data from our work, analyse, share result and incorporate learning into TfSC programmes.


Dance4Life is looking for a consultant that takes the central lead and who develops the overallplan to build the capacity of these organizations and also helps in implementing that plan. Ideally the consultant has a network in both Ethiopia and Ghana that can easily offer support to the organizations on the ground. We expect the consultant to develop a thorough analysis of the capacity building needs of both organizations, with clear deliverables and KPIs of success.

Dance4Life expects the consultant to at least deliver on the following KPIs:

  • Resource Mobilization support, in the form of a resource mobilization plan and two submitted proposals per partner. The resource mobilization plan should contain a viable growth plan for each organization; how can the organization grow and what kind of
    resources are needed?
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning support, in the form of a MEL plan that specifically focuses on how learning can be integrated in the day to day work of both organizations


The consultant is expected to regularly update Dance4Life on the progress made in the form of monthly calls and by handing in all plans developed for each partner. When plans are developed Dance4Life expects to be involved and to have open and frank discussions with both the consultant and the partner. The consultant is also expected to hand in a final status report in January, reflecting on the KPIs and status of each organization. Dance4Life will also have regular check-ins with the partners to assess the progress made so far.


The assignment will start 15th of July and ends 31 January 2019. The budget is €40.000, this includes VAT and all expenses made by the consultant(s).


If you are interested, please apply before June 29th with a Plan of Action that should not exceed four pages and a budget. The plan of action and budget can be sent to Koen Böhm and Tess Pairon: koen@dance4life.com and tess@dance4life.com