Consultant for RHRN shadow report for ICPD+25 review

Posted 5 days ago

Right Here Right Now (RHRN) is a five-year programme and global strategic partnership that is active in ten countries, and the Caribbean sub region. Our partnership envisions a world where all young people are able to access quality and youth-friendly health services, and are not afraid to openly express who they are and who they love. We believe that young people, everywhere, have the inalienable right to make their own choices, and lead happy and healthy lives.

The RHRN partnership engages in advocacy at the national, regional and international level, in order to ensure progressive and inclusive SRHR norms, standards and policies and to promote accountability. ICPD monitoring, follow up and review is one of the key processes that RHRN follows and influences. RHRN consortium members and platforms take part in the annual Commission on Population and Development at the UN in New York. Moreover, we are engaging in this year’s regional ICPD+25 regional reviews (in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin-America & the Caribbean), as well as the upcoming global ICPD+25 review in 2019.

RHRN wants to use the opportunity of the ICPD+25 review to maintain or advance commitment to critical RHRN themes (adolescent SRH services, abortion, CSE, LGBTI rights) as well as to ensure meaningful youth participation in the review. To strengthen RHRN’s position through the ICPD+25 reviews globally and in the various regions, the International Advocacy Working Group (IAWG) of RHRN will invest in the development of a shadow report covering all RHRN countries, regions as well as a global analysis.

Scope of work:

Develop an ICPD+25 shadow report based on and with inputs from all RHRN country platforms (Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Honduras, Bolivia) and RHRN regional platform in the Caribbean. Conduct a broader regional analysis for Latin-America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia-Pacific, with the objective of providing overall recommendations for the global ICPD+25 review.

The country analyses will be based on the national advocacy priorities of the respective RHRN platform. To ensure comparability, a set of 5 issues that cut across the RHRN program will be covered:

  • National policy and implementation of comprehensive sexuality education;
  • National policy and implementation (financing) of adolescent SRH services;
  • National law, policy and implementation (access) to safe abortion services;
  • National law and implementation in relation to LGBTI rights;
  • Extent of meaningful youth participation in national policy formulation and implementation

The work includes the writing of a draft, and two review rounds to reach agreement on a final report. For the total amount of work, we have estimated it would cost approximately 240 hours.





Contracting consultant


20 March

Working on report


April, May

First draft report


18 May

Review per region

Regional RHRN consortium members + Rineke (global)

1 June

Second draft report


29 June

Review IAWG


6 July

Final Report


27 July


The consultant is expected to deliver an RHRN shadow report covering all RHRN countries, regions and a global analysis with recommendations, of about 40-60 pages.

Qualifications and specialized knowledge/experience required

  • Minimum of five years of work experience in the field of SRHR, preferably in advocacy.
  • Solid knowledge about the ICPD Programme of Action, and the ICPD Beyond 2014 Review.
  • Strong English writing skills. Ability to speak French and/or Spanish is a plus.
  • Relevant experience coordinating consultations

How to apply

Please write a brief letter of motivation, a one pager on how you would approach this consultancy, and send your CV to Rineke van Dam no later than 19th of March 2018.