Consultancy to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for End FGM European Network Strategic plan 2018-2022

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1. End FGM European Network

The End FGM European Network (End FGM EU) is an umbrella network of 20 national organisations working in 12 European countries and who are expert on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). End FGM EU operates as a meeting ground for communities, civil society organisations, decision-makers and other relevant actors at European level to interact, cooperate and join forces to end all forms of FGM in Europe and beyond. We put at the heart of our work grassroots voices to influence European governments and policy-makers to work towards the elimination of FGM. We build our members’ capacity, offer spaces to share expertise and develop partnerships.
While being dedicated to being the driving force of the European movement to end FGM, we are equally committed to build bridges and cooperation with all relevant actors in the field of FGM both in Europe and globally. In this sense, we actively promote and foster cooperation between the European movement and movements in other regions of the world
The team currently consists of four full-time staff and an intern. End FGM EU is funded by an operating grant from the European Commission, membership fees, grants from Wallace Global Fund and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

2. Strategic plan 2018

In 2017, End FGM EU completed a new four-year strategic plan. It was developed over a 12- month period, based on consultation and discussion with network members. The strategic plan prioritises 3 main areas:
▪ Ensure a European, coordinated and human rights based and child focused approach to end FGM;
▪ Build bridges between relevant actors and countries to end FGM;
▪ Strengthen the European movement to end FGM;
In 2018, the network will begin the operationalisation of this new plan and it will aim to ensure that all activities are measured against, aligned with, and driven by the plan. To do this the network wishes to develop a robust results framework and operational plan to track the implementation progress.

3. Purpose and scope of service

The overall objective of the assignment is the development of a 4-year monitoring and evaluation framework for the new strategic plan. The purpose is to provide the Secretariat and membership with tools to effectively monitor progress and achievement against outcomes, and to provide mid-term and end-of programme evaluations with sufficient information to assess the Strategic plan’s success.

4. Description of Service

The consultancy aims at developing an M&E framework and operational system for the strategic plan in close collaboration with the End FGM EU board, secretariat and the members. The Consultant will define M&E needs and establish necessary practical procedures and measures to operationalize M&E. The consultant is expected to design a practical M&E system with regards to the following key aspects:
1. What needs to be measured at outcome level?
2. What is the most appropriate source of information?
3. How best to engage members in information collection?
4. How often to collect the information and when?
5. How to store and analyse data?
The consultant will be required to develop a plan with a clear timeframe in consultation with End FGM EU Secretariat.

5. Expected Deliverables

The service will be considered completed upon successful accomplishment of the following:
A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the End FGM EU strategic plan 2018- 2022, including:
• a set of indicators to monitor the plan;
• an implementation plan for the roll-out of the M&E framework including:
o the description of procedures, roles and responsibilities;
o a timeframe;
o a monitoring plan and an indicator tracking table;
o recommendations for implementing staff for progress tracking;

6. Timeframe and budget

The assignment shall start on the day of the last signature of the contract and shall be completed by 31st August 2018.
The maximum contract price is 4000 EUR including both fees and VAT.
Prices indicated in the proposal must be fixed amounts in Euro.
The amount of VAT should be shown separately.

7. Eligibility criteria

End FGM EU is seeking proposals from individuals with at least 5 years of proven successful experience in the design and evaluation of organisational programmes in the field of women rights and/or violence against women (VAGW).
Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas is considered essential:
• Knowledge of the EU non-profit sector
• Knowledge of VAWG, gender issues
• Knowledge of EU institutions and decision and policy-making processes
• Expertise in evaluating annual programmes of NGOs
• Expertise in working with membership organisations
Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas is considered an asset:
• Knowledge of FGM and of key policy and legal instruments related to FGM in the EU and international context
The applicant must not have any personal or capital involvement with End FGM EU.
Language requirements
Applicants must be proficient in English, particularly in written.
Selection procedure
Participation in this procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons fulfilling the abovementioned eligibility criteria and language requirements.
The selection will be done based on expertise (75%) and price (25%).
All applicants will receive acknowledgement of receipt of their proposal and will be informed of the outcomes of the selection process by email within seven working days following the deadline date.

8. Proposal submission

To be considered for this service, the applicant with the required profile shall submit the following documents in English:
• CV
• Cover letter describing examples of similar previous work
• 3 references with full contact details
The proposal needs be submitted electronically in English to by 11 July 2018

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