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How to get involved in Share-Net International?

Share-Net International is a unique platform that promotes and facilitates synergies between individuals and organizations working in the fields of SRHR. Our members combine knowledge, experience and commitment. They include: NGOs, universities, individual experts, students and consultancy groups.

We foster a continued dialogue between our members, where we analyse and synthesise state of the art knowledge aiming at evidence informed policies and practices – the core business of the Knowledge Platforms’ knowledge management and matchmaking process. SNI addresses both sensitive and neglected topics and our members do not shy away from discussing these in the safe spaces that we offer.

We are organised in four country hubs, Share-Net Bangladesh, Share-Net BurundiShare-Net Jordan and the Share-Net Netherlands, which in turn consist of different communities of practice (CoPs). Each country hub is hosted by a local organisation, while SNI is hosted by KIT Royal Tropical Institute. You can get involved in the Knowledge Platform on SRHR, Share-Net International, by becoming a member of one of our hubs and thus enjoy specific member benefits. Or you can sponsor us. Share-Net greatly values the considerable inputs of its members and sponsors in the implementation of many of its activities.

Our core values include: transparency, diversity, collaboration, participatory, integrity, safety, and using rights-based approaches.

How to become a member or sponsor?

For more information about our work and to become a member or sponsor, please contact our Share-Net Netherlands Coordinator, Meike Stieglis at or our Share-Net International Country Coordinator Kimberley Meijers at